Sunday, January 27, 2008

15 Months

****I must be really tired because I can't even get my e-mail address right. My actual e-mail address is scrappermg@cox(dot)net. Duh!******* All fixed now.

Wow. That one almost slipped right by. I don't know how many more months we have to go. I'm trying to be O.K. with this wait. Truthfully, we need some extra time right now to figure some stuff out and get our Sh** together before we bring a child into our home. Lots going on. Can't get into it. So in a way, maybe the longer wait times are a blessing. For us. It still sucks for the rest of you out there that are ready now and never signed up for a wait this long. I still get a chuckle out of the original letter we got from our agency stating that we could expect a referral in 12-18 months. Ha! Life sure does throw some curve balls, doesn't it?

Anyway, on to a happier topic. I have been crafting like a crazy person since Thursday night. I do this when I am anxious or upset. It helps take my mind off of things and calms me.

So far I have made 70 Valentine's that are ready to be sent out(yes, you read right. Seventy). I signed up for this handmade postcard swap on another blog and I misunderstood the directions and thought I was supposed to be sending out to fifty people. Apparently I only had to send out to ten. Oops. My bad. You'd think after working with five year olds for 15 years I could listen and follow directions better. I guess not. So now I have 20 cards that I'll be sending out to family, and fifty handmade postcards ready to go out too. Anybody want a handmade Valentine from me? E-mail me your address and I'll drop it in the mail next week with the others-scrappermg(@)cox(dot)net. My plan is to send the extras to some of our troops in Iraq. I'm thinking some of those guys (and gals) may not receive too many Valentine's.

Here are some pictures of my crafting mania:

I ordered this vintage lace from Esty for like $6.00. I heart Etsy. And vintage lace. It makes me happy.

These are the cards going out to family and friends. Still have to print and crop the photos for the center. I know it seems egotistical to put our picture on our cards, but it's our fifteenth wedding anniversary too and it's kind of like how you put your picture on your Christmas cards so people that you haven't seen in forever don't forget what you look like. At least that's my logic. It's probably still egotistical. I don't care.

Here are the postcards. These will be going out to the people in the swap, as well as the troops, and maybe you! If you send me your address! Oh, and if you got a Christmas card from me(blog friends included), you'll be getting one of these whether you asked for it or not :)

Gotta go. More cards to finish.


dmbonilla said...

Michelle.. Love the cards.. and your right.. the crud is still here and my body is just laughing at the antibotics.. I havent left the house since friday. I feel like I've been beat with the ugly stick! I hope I make it to work tomorrow.. it does get crazy I know.. I know he will flip out so im gonna try to make it. I feel sooo bad :( anyways I will let you know!

Rhonda said...

15 down...

Joannah said...

I love your cards and postcards. So cute!

Jeff and Pam said...

Your cards are beautiful. Happy 15!!

Kayce said...

First off...Happy 15!!!

Second! You are amazing! Your cards are beautiful!

redmaryjanes said...

Wow, your cards are gorgeous and congrats on being 15 months closer.

Tracy said...

Your cards are really beautiful, you should sell those on Etsy. You could do a pack of like 5 for V. day or a pack with one for each holiday....they are super cool and look very expensive. My Mom is a card nut and spends like $3-5 for ONE card, you could rack up!


Special K said...

Congrats on 15 down!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I also don't know many people with our agency so it's nice to "meet" someone else. I've added you to my bloglines so I can keep up with you. Take care.

PS. Love the cards. Very cute!

OH MY #6 said...

I love them. How beautiful And, no you are not egotistical. You should celebrate that day in a big way.

Have a good one and happy LID.


PS. I want a valentine!