Tuesday, January 01, 2008

We're hitting the road in a little while to go back home. I have to say, aside from that one moment of panic, the rest of our time here was pretty uneventful. Overall the kids were very good and we kept them pretty busy. I'm not sure what came over me while I was here, but I was bitten with some kind of cleaning bug and I cleaned almost the entire house. Well, the two top floors anyway. I didn't make it down to the third floor where the kids rooms are. I would need another week for that! I have scrubbed toilets, tubs and showers, done six loads of laundry, mopped floors and vacuumed each and every room. Sometimes twice. I cleaned out all of the kids toys and sorted them into containers. I even placed a photo label on each container so the kids know where to put the toys away when they clean up. I purged a bunch of their toys too. Don't tell the kids. Or Lisa. The babysitter is coming tomorrow to spend the night until Lisa and Scott come back on Wednesday, and I am a little worried that Lisa won't get to see all the hard work I have done because the kids will mess it all up again. Oh well. For now it's home and then back to work for me on Thursday. Joe has another week off. Lucky. I have one more day off before I have to be back and I plan on doing one thing only. Sleep!

Happy New Year!


Shelley said...

Do you make house calls? :)

Kylie's momma said...

WoW! Michelle you are SUPER woman! So glad to hear the rest of your trip brightened up. Heck we'll all vouch for all the cleaning etc...you did for Lisa too! Happy New Year! And you;re so right once you have your OWN child you do find what works and does not for you guys. So enjoy the ride it's ALL worth it. Stress and all. Safe travels home! Susan

Gracencameronsmomy said...

You rock! come stay any time! thanks for watching the kids!