Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Yesterday was a cold and rainy day. It suited my mood perfectly. I drove around all day yesterday, frantically running errands trying to get something done that is very important that has been long over due. Then when I got to my final destination I was unable to complete the task. This had me so frustrated that I ended up crying at the counter of the DMV. Uhhhhh...dramatic much? The woman behind the counter was very nice about the whole situation and gave me not one, but three numbers to call to try and get the situation sorted out tomorrow. So I will sort it out tomorrow. But I really wanted to get it done today. Sigh. On the way home Joe and I drove by the beach and it was a beautiful, stormy day so we went for a walk on the shore, where I wrote this in the sand:

Cue more tears on my part. Must. Get. Hormone Level. Checked.


Jeff and Pam said...

How awesome to be so close to such a beautiful beach. That is a blessing. I know what you mean about rain. Sometimes, it amplifies our feelings.

Rony said...

I hate cold and rainy too, but I can take it a lot easier at the beach!