Friday, January 25, 2008

Since our 15th wedding anniversary is coming up, I have been desperately trying to come up with ideas on something to do. Usually we don't do anything on the actual day(Valentine's Day), because it is entirely too crowded but this year because it's a big one I decided we must. do. something. They were advertising on the local radio station that Barry Manilow was going to be doing a concert in a town near us on Valentine's Day, and I thought that sounded kind of romantic, so I brought it up to my husband the other day. Here's how that conversation went:
Me: Joe, I really want to go out on our anniversary. Have you thought of anything we might do?
Him: Blank stare, followed by ""
Me: Okay. I was thinking it might be kind of romantic to go see Barry Manilow in concert.
Him: Complete and total silence.
Me: Joe?
Him: Just exactly how old are you?
Me: Shut up! It would be fun! I hear he's actually pretty good in concert. And I'm two years younger than you are, thankyouverymuch!
Joe: But that just seems like something my Mom would do.
Me: Great. Fine. Just forget it. We'll sit home like we always do.
Him: You could always call my Mother.
Hardy har har. Hmph!

On another occasion I asked him what he would like me to get him for his anniversary. I about felt out of my chair when he replied "A puppy". A what? I know he misses our Tessie, but a puppy is so much work! Not to mention the fact that the one he wants we could never afford. Ever. He wants an English Bulldog. I was able to find one for half the price of all the others I looked at, but is still wayyy out of our budget. He said he'd settle for a Boxer, but even then we're looking at $400.00. So it looks like we'll be staying home this year, and not exchanging any gifts. Happy Anniversary to us!


Joannah said...

No offense, but I think I'm with Joe on this one. Barry Manilow? ;-)

Shelley said...

That's pretty funny. And I see Joannah had the exact same reaction I did. About Manilow that is. :D

You guys could always drive out to Big Bear or something like that.

Stacey T. said...

First of all, I love Barry Manilow, and I think we are the same age!!!! And the puppy...boxers are SOOO sweet. Check your area for a boxer rescue society. If you can't find one online, call your local SPCA and they should know of someone. Rescues usually have all ages of dogs, and while it might not be a 8 week old puppy, might be 5 months or so.. Good luck!!!

Kristin said...


OH MY #6 said...

too funny!


Jeff and Pam said...

We got free tickets for BArry Manilow. Unfortunately, he got postponed because of the weather. I heard it is a good show. Just think-Mandy, I Write the Songs, Copa Cabanan, etc. I can remember singing his songs with a hairbrush when I was really young(like 3rd grade.)

Kylie's momma said...

Hey Michelle, have you looked into rescue groups for a dog? We got our full breed and paper registered Pek. from a rescue group. He only cost $200 and a promise to neuter him. ANd being you're in CA. you might have a lot more to chose from then us in the sticks of MT. Ours came with friends from the coast in WA. Good luck! And by the way...Manilow woud be SO cool to see in concert :-) Susan who is not 40 yet and LOVES him too!

Kylie's momma said...

Michelle, Here's a cool website to play with...maybe you can find your bulldog?

Happy searching :^)