Sunday, January 20, 2008

Out Germs, Out!

I am banishing all sickness from my house today. I'm done with it. I'm washing every single linen we own, all of the windows are open and we're airing the place out. I'm tackling some clutter piles we have laying around from Christmas too. I'm convinced that clutter plays a part in my getting(or staying sick). I'm sure of it. My husband disagrees. Perhaps because most of the clutter I have been tackling belongs to him. I'm still feeling a bit weak. I think probably because I haven't been up and around in three days. And also I'm not eating. I'm just not hungry and nothing sounds good and I'm a little bit nauseous. I've lost a bit of weight. Nothing to write home about. A couple of pounds. I have to go back to the gym in the next week or so. I promised my kidney doctor I would. And since now I have to go back and see him in a month instead of three(darn sickness!), I have to have lost at least a little bit of weight or he'll be all over me about it. Fun. I found memory card laying around in my suitcase from Christmas(Yes. I just put it away today. So? :) I'm going to download it right now and if it is anything interesting I'll post some of them. Gotta go. Have tons of laundry to fold.

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OH MY #6 said...

Glad to hear you are feeling somewhat better.