Monday, July 21, 2008

All Reality T.V., All the Time

I watch a lot of television. I'll admit that. When you have no kids and you work only four days a week it leaves one with a lot of free time.

I fill much of that time with television. I'm not proud of it, but it is true. You know how every year they have "T.V. Turn Off Week?"

Well when you work with kids it's a big deal. You talk about it, and hype it up and discuss all of the things that there are to do when you aren't watching t.v.

Well a couple of years ago I tried to do it. Go one week without television. I made it for one day before I broke down and switched it on. Joe was working nights then and it was just so quiet without the t.v. on.

I must say though, that we only have one t.v. set in out home. I know people who have upwards of four. They have one in every room! Not us. Just the family/living area. Not even one in the bedroom.

But still. We watch a lot of t.v.

It's something we do together. I am lucky because Joe will watch anything that I want to watch. "Gray's Ana.tomy". "Dan.cing With the Stars". Designing shows on the Home and Garden channel. Pretty much anything.

Anyway, we have a DVR to record our shows. It is awesome. I don't know how we lived without it. Now we never miss any of our favorite shows, and we watch them later and forward through the commercials. Awesome.

So the other day I am looking at the list of shows that we record and I notice that 99% of them are reality shows! Seriously! Now keep in mind that it IS summer and none of the good (non-reality)shows that we usually watch are on right now, but still.
I think we very well could be reality t.v. show junkies!

So for your enjoyment(and judgement), here is a list of the shows that we watch. You might want to settle in. This is gonna be a long one. :)

Sorry for the periods. I don't want everyone that G**gles those shows to end up here.

So You Thi.nk You Can Da.nce
Love this show. I love the different types of dancing they do(Hip Hop, Ballroom, Contemporary, etc), and I become very attached to my favorite dancers. Sometimes I even vote for them. Shut up.

The Sin.ging
Joey and Mel B. host this show in which they go into different workplaces and take people who can't sing or dance and split them into teams and teach them to do performance in front of a live audience. the Recep.tion-in this show they take a couple who is getting married and teach them a professional dance for their first dance at the wedding. They even include a couple of people from the wedding party and they keep it a surprise from their families and the wedding guests. The best part of the show is when they show their families and guests reactions to the dance. Priceless.

Yeah. I like shows that have singing or dancing in them. The last two I like because they take "normal" people who have no experience with either and they teach them. Not sure why this appeals to me. Possibly because I can't sing or dance? :)

I also can't wait for High Sch.ool Mus.ical: Get in The Pic.ture to start.
You have to give me a pass on this one, because I worked with kids when the first two came out and I have seen them both. Multiple times. When Joe and I went to CA Adventure last Fall and they did the stage show, I sang along to the songs. He walked away from me and pretended not to know me :) Some of those songs are quite catchy, okay?

Intervention. My co-worker DeAnn got me hooked on this show. It is amazing to me how addiction can destroy a person and the depths to which people fall in order to sustain that addiction. I always pray at the end of the show that the update will say that the person got help and was able to overcome their addiction. That is not always the case. It's sad.

Desi.gned to Sell
A group of people fix up and stage houses to sell. The houses look amazing after they are done. I cam never figure out why people don't do this to their houses while they are living in them. I'm not sure why I like this show, as I don't actually own a home myself.

Fli.pping Out
I just started watching this show a couple of weeks ago and am just now getting caught up on the first season. It is about this guy who buys real estate properties and "flips" them by gutting them and renovating them and reselling them. These are multi-million dollar homes and I like seeing what he does to them. Plus, the guy on the show is FREAK. He is so cold. I don't think he has the ability to feel emotions at all. It's fascinating. Heh.

Jo.n and Ka.te Plus 8
I love this show. The kids are so adorable and I cannot imagine having eight kids. I don't know how they do it. Seriously. At this point I can't even imagine having one child, let alone 8!

The Ace of Cakes The cakes this guy designs are incredible.

Must Kids This one just started. I love dating shows. I'm always rooting for the happily-ever-after ending. This is the first show of this type where they let single Moms participate. About time. Three different women are set up on dates with a bunch of men and they eliminate one each week. Kind of like the Bachelor. For single Moms.

Hop.kins I started watching this one because I miss Gray's Anatomy. Now I'm hooked. I cried like a baby when the little two year old got a heart transplant.

Proj.ect Runway Love this show. The 5th season hasn't started yet, but Joe and I have been watching marathons of season's past to get ready.

Greatest Ame.rican Dog Just because I love dogs. Of course all Joe talks about when we watch it is how much he wants an English Bulldog. And he wants to teach it to ride a skateboard, like the one on the show.

Here's one I am embarrassed to admit I watch:

Denise Rich.ards: It's Comp.licated
I can't help it. It's like a train wreck. I can't turn away.

Here are a few that I watch because Joe likes them:

Bi.g Bro.ther

The Mo.le

Wipe.out People doing an obstacle course and "eating it". Always funny.

I Survi.ved a Japa.nese Game Show The things they make people do on gameshows in Japan is crazy.

There are a couple of shows I refuse to watch.

The Next Do.or Eeeewwwwww. These girls are prostitutes. I'm sorry. But they are. Did you know the girl's families go and visit them at the Playboy Mansion? HUH? I understand wanting to support your children and all that, but C'Mon! Gross.

My Super Sw.eet 16
The money that parents spend on these parties for their children makes me feel physically ill. $60,000 for a party for a 16 year old. There are people in this world who don't have enough food to eat. And the sense of entitlement of these children. Sickening.

O.K. I think that's it. Whew. I told you it was a lot! I think I may have to go on "Intervention" and deal with my television addicition. Heh.

So what shows are you watching?


Tracy said...

I am going to try the no t.v/computer thing for 2 days. It's going to be so hard! I get anxious when the tv is sad is that? Anyway, I was hooked on intervention for a long time and I also watch Project Runway, ANTM, Next Food Network Star (love ACE of Cakes also), Shear Genius (better than it sounds-sadly), Ice Road Truckers, Last Comic standing and then several more that aren't reality tv. So I can certainly give your household a run for it's money (especially if you add in Mickey Mouse, Little Einsteins etc):)

Kylie's momma said...

Oh my heck we're kinderd spirits..I'm right there besides you watching all the "stupid" reality shows too. Tho' I can't watch Denise Richards eeew! I love all the House Hunters and especially the International version. Love Amazing race..would sooo love to do it! Survivor, Mole and Big Bro too. Mole drives me who do you think it is? I love anything Law and Order too. Saving Grace is back on for the summer. I too ahve a DVR and don't know how I ever lived without sad I know. So heck what's my excuse I have a husband that's home and kid and still watch way too much TV. Oh well love it!

fuzzandfuzzlet said...

We too enjoy some reality TV, DH and I are polar opposites when it comes to TV choices, reality is one of the few things we both enjoy.

We are currently watching Big Brother 10. OK season, I think this may be the last.

We are watching Beauty in the Geek, mostly for laughs, the entire concept cracks us up. We are about 3 weeks behind tho.

I watch John and Kate on rare occasions. I hate the way she talks to him tho.

I record Oprah and Phil daily, but probably erase 90% of them. When they have an episode I enjoy I will talk about it for months, but most don`t peak my interest.

I like shows about people that have lost amazing amounts of weight. Who knows why. DH thinks it is strange, but there are so many of these shows there must be a lot of us strange ones watching.

We love our DVR, no more commercials. Since my TV time is limited FFing through the commercials is a blessing.

Kayce said...

LOVE my DVR! I too watch a lot of tv. BUT BUT...I don't watch tv during the day when I'm home. I usually get to catch up on my DVR once a week which is full of...

Runs House - YOU MUST SEE!!!
and the ususal...survivor,greys,CSI.

When we bought our first home I said NO tv's in the bedrooms! We've only got 2 now, one in fam room and other in liv room.

Rosie said...

Michelle,must add you to my links page.Love your blog and music.

Kristin said...

Um, am I going to make you sad when I tell you the new season of Project Runway started last week?

And, I have to say, I'd have any of those Girls Next Door over before I hosted Jon or Kate... the kids are cute but she, with the gum and the organic and the cupcakes comes across as nothing but mean (IMO)... now, I have only seen the show a few times and I swear, each episode has been her being nastier than the last... but the kids, yes, sooo cute!

Michelle said...

Kristen-Yeah, I just found out about Project Runway but my husband had already recorded it, so we're all caught up.

I get what you mean about Kate. She does come across as mean, especially to Jon. I just love the kids. So cute.

As far as the Girls Next Door, it creeps me out that he sleeps with all of them. Eeewwwww.....pick one hottie and stick with her already!

Fuzz and Fuzzlet-Joe likes Beauty and the Geek too. I didn't even know it was on right now.

Kayce-I will have to check out Run's House. ANd I totally forgot about Tori and Dean. I got hooked on that while I was on vacation(we were watching t.v. when we should have been camping :(

Tracy-Ice Road Truckers? What's that? Sounds interesting! I'll have to check it out.