Saturday, July 19, 2008

Summer Photo Bloggy Days

Here's day one of Photo Bloggy Days. Here is my day yesterday in pictures. I took two more pictures from when I first got up but for some reason they didn't download and I accidentally erased them from my camera. Oh well. It's probably best you not see those anyway :)
There are too many pictures to put here so I had to put them on Flickr. I hope you don't have ot sign in to see them. If so, it's free to set up an account just to view pics.
Here is day one: Friday, July 18th Summer Photo Bloggy Days

Click on the upper left photo(the bagel and the cup of coffee) to start at the beginning of the set.


dmbonilla said...

That was so fun! Thank you for letting me be a part of this. I love working with you!

Kayce said...

So cool! Sorry about the ants and the gas. Yuch! I LOVE this idea! Can't wait to see the next day!