Friday, July 25, 2008

Kicking Me When I'm Down

So I’ve been having kind of a lousy week. I’ve been feeling pretty emotional and overall just down.
Remember last Friday when I was taking pictures of my day and I went to Lowe’s and bought a new hanging plant for our front porch? (The one shown in this picture) It was a beautiful pink container of inpatients that I just looooved. It made me happy to look at it.

I spent this whole last week fussing over it. Watering it, pulling off the dead blooms, etc.

Well guess what? When I got up this morning and went outside to leave for work, it was gone.

I thought maybe Joe had taken it down to water it. I went back inside and asked him where it was. He responded with “What are you talking about? It should be right outside".

Nope. It’s gone. Missing.


I can’t believe someone would have the nerve to steal it right off of my front porch. I live in one of the safest cities in America (someone told me this from some statistic they saw somewhere).

I don’t even have the energy to get mad about it. I just feel bummed.

Good timing, Universe.

I’m gonna have to snap out of my funk because I’ll be spending all day Saturday and Sunday at the Dragon Boat races.

Maybe the adrenaline of the races will help me snap out of it. I sure hope so. Sigh.


Retro Girl said...

How desperate are people, that they steal a woman's hanging flowering plant?! Sheesh!

Honey you need to getcha some chocolate (or your fave dessert) and just relax. Don't let the scrooges in this world get you down.

Hope you have a fun, fabulous weekend...away from everything.
Take care...

OH MY #6 said...

those, damn shits! Taking your flowers. that is terrible.

I am jealous that you will be Dragon Boating. Enjoy.

I bought the best necklace at the Dragon Boat Weekend. And, also the cutest T-shirts.



Kayce said...

What an asshole! OMG! That used to happen with my roses, I used to scream! Then I started trying to look at it differently..."well I hope they are going to someone's mom, or someone's girlfriend, or to someone's grave stone." Silly I know.

Good luck with the races, you'll do GREAT!

kris said...

shidiots! that sucks, I don't get people.

kris said...

ps. just checked out you're music and I so love The Weepies- I don't know that many people that listen to them.

dmbonilla said...

GOod luck tomorrow! Kick some A** at the races!