Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I just happened to check the calendar on my phone and it's July.  July!  The 2nd, to be exact.  How the heck did that happen?  There are only 6 months until Christmas!  Maybe I'll put that countdown at the top to replace the camping one. Heh.  As usual, we have no plans this weekend. It has become almost a tradition for us to have no plans for the Fourth of July.  We will probably step outside our front door and watch the fireworks that the park next door puts on, like we do every year.  That's convenient.  Other than that, a short work week this week and a long weekend. Awesome.  I am loving having my car back.  Oh, the freedom!  I cleaned it out from our camping trip and had it washed and sometimes when I go to the parking lot to go to work in the morning I want to hug my car.  Of course I don't, because that would be weird.  But I totally think it.  I won't even let my husband drive it right now. Nope. It's mine, all mine.  I wouldn't even let him take to work last night, even though he works three miles from our house and the entire time he is gone I am asleep.  Obsessive much?  Today has been a blissful day off.  I had a massage(my insurance is paying for them now-yahoo!), and a nap and a quiet day just laying around the house.  I need to go wake up my husband now, so we can at least have dinner together before he goes back off to work tonight. At least he's off this weekend.

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Kayce said...

I so hug my car! Except when I put gas in it. Sounds like you indeed had a blissful day, I almost called you, but I was thinking today was Tuesday. Need to wake up here!