Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I just happened to come here and my Stat counter was at 66666. Creepy. At least it wasn't just three of them.


Tracy said...

Ewww, I wouldn't like that either...or 131313 would bother me also:)

Kayce said...

creepy is right!

Donna said...

I thought I was the only person who paid attention to that stuff. If I notice my mileage when it hits those numbers, I'm always creeped out that I picked THAT particular minute to look.

Interestingly, the wedding date 7/7/07 was booked up years in advance at most of the highly coveted wedding venues. Women who weren't even involved in long term relationships reserved that date "just in case". So I guess someone must be paying attention.

Ever notice how many Bay Area license plates are six six six (I can't even type those numbers!)?

My husband tells me that it's statistically improbable that there aren't just as many 777's but I sure don't notice them as much as I notice the other!


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