Sunday, July 13, 2008

Still have the Blahs and 3 words

I woke up this morning not feeling well at all.

I can't figure out if I have the blahs because I am not feeling well, or if I am not feeling well because I have the blahs. Which came first , the chicken or the egg? :)

I'm not even certain yet whether I will be able to make it to my second Dragon Boat Practice this afternoon. So far it is not looking good. The issues I am having require the necessity of having a bathroom nearby at a moment's notice and being out in a boat in the middle of the bay is not conducive to that, if you catch my drift.

I just overshared. I know. Sorry.

So I guess these are the three words that sum up this last week for me. Hopefully I will snap out of it this week. Sigh.


M3 said...

Hope it went ok today. I've had those types of "issues" -- definitely not boat-friendly...

Kayce said...

Thinking of you friend. Hang in there and hollar if you need to chat.