Thursday, July 17, 2008

In which I want to scratch my eyes right out of my head

I am so miserable right now. I seem to be having some kind of allergic reaction to something.

On. My. Eyelids.

Yes, you read that right. My eyelids are red, itchy, swollen, flaky and itchy.

Did I mention itchy? Because they are so very itchy.

It started a few days after we came home from camping. I thought it could be a reaction to our cat, after being away from her for seven days. So I was careful not to touch her, and I cleaned the cat hair off of "my" couch.

It didn't get better. So I thought it was just seasonal allergies(which are much worse this year for me than year's past). So I started taking OTC allergy medication. It didn't help.

Then I thought perhaps I was allergic to my eyeshadow, even though it is the brand I always use. So I stopped wearing it on the weekends. No relief.

I am going crazy here. It itches so badly. Then I rub it, which makes it burn too. Keep in mind it is not my eyeballs, but just the eyelids.

And they are quite swollen and red. Here are some of the things I have tried over the last 48 hours alone:

Hot compresses
Washing my eyelids with baby shampoo
Zyrtec D allergy medication
Going without makeup
Cortisone gel. Yes, I know you aren't supposed to put it on your eyes. I was desperate and very, very careful not to get it in my eyes.

None of the above mentioned things helped.

Strangely, the only thing that has brought any relief at all in the last week has been swimming in our pool. You would think the Chlorine would irritate it more, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Both times I went swimming I felt sweet relief.

But it is a little late to be taking a swim right now and I am going insane. Seriously uncomfortable.

Yes, I have G**gled it and came up with a couple of different things it could be.

I know I need to go to the doctor. I have been putting it off because

A. I don't have a primary doctor right now. I need to go on my insurance web site and pick another name out of the blue and pray that he or she is good. I hate doing that. I have not had much luck with this method in the past.
B. I dislike going to the doctor.
C. I have to wait until Wednesday, when I am off.
D. I was really, really,(really) hoping it would go away on its own.

Maybe I'll wake up tomorrow and it will be gone. Gosh I hope so.


3D said...

Hugs & hope you feel better soon!

Keep smilin!

Tracy said...

Wow, that has to suck. I would say maybe benadryl cream (again be really careful not to get it in your eyes) if you really think it's an allergic reaction and cold compresses (but be really careful since your eyelids are so thin not to hurt your eyes). I would probably just use really cold water on a wrung out washcloth instead of actual ice in a washcloth.

Good luck!

Kayce said...

Yuck! I hope it goes away soon.

OH MY #6 said...

HOpe so too!


Debra Sue said...

Have you looked at Blepharitis? It's a related condition of Rosacea.

Here's a link:

My mom has Rosacea and gets Blepharitis pretty frequently. She gently exfoliates the itchy, flaky skin with baby shampoo and a soft washcloth several times a day.

Hope you feel better soon!

Debra Sue said...

Whoops - just saw where you tried these tricks.


Sending feel better vibes your way!