Monday, September 26, 2005

Not much happening today. I'm trying to keep my dark, depressive thoughts to myself. (And trust me, there are a lot of them). Pretty uneventful day today. Today is known as Hell week around my work. The church is getting ready for their annual Fall festival(rides, food, game booths, the whole shebang). So anyway, there are rides taking up half of our parking lot, and a HUGE tent covering half of our playground, as well as tractors and forklifts zipping around all over the place. My job is to keep the kids off the rides, away from the tent, and safe from the idiots volunteers driving the forklift and tractors. Such fun! (said in a voice dripping with sarcasm). There is NOTHING like setting up carnival rides on a school field for hyping children up! The good part is that I get a four day weekend. Woo Hoo! We are closed on Friday, and school is out on Monday. It isn't often that I get a four day weekend. I wonder what I will do? P.S. Did you notice all the liitle things I am learning to do on my blog? (The italics, the red word, the word with the line through it). I'm learning to do a lot of the things I see on other blogs that make me say "How'd they do that?" I figure if we can't have kids, maybe I can spend some of my spare time becoming a computer whiz. It could happen!

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