Friday, September 02, 2005

Prayer boxes and Poker.......

It's official. The first week of school is now done (I know, I know, 3 days is not a week! But you get the picture). Yesterday was the first full day of school and we started our regular activities like story time and Art. For art we made these very nice prayer boxes. They are small paper mache boxes that the kids decorated with angel cut outs and pearls and there is a scripture on the inside. When finished, you write your prayer requests on a slip of paper and tuck it into the box so that before you go to bed, you will remember all the things(people) you wanted to pray for! Well anyway, the parents loved them and thought they were so sweet. So today a Kindergartner comes in with his Mom and he says to her "Mom, come here so I can show you something I did yesterday that was so fun!" I was very proud thinking he is going to show her his prayer box or our cool new playground or something like that. Well he takes her by the hand and leads her over to the computers and says "Look at this game I played on the computer yesterday. I really like it. Can you buy it for me for my birthday?" And his Mom says "I don't know, what is it called?" And the little boy replies "Poker!" At this point I am all ears, because to my knowledge we do NOT have Poker on our computer! So I walk over and ask him to show me the game he played. Sure enough, he opens up the card game on the computer and Poker comes right up on the screen! By this time I am mortifed! I had no idea that the game had Poker in it, let alone that the Kindergartners were playing it! How do they know how to play poker anyway? Needless to say I was very apologetic. Luckily his mother thought it was very funny and told me that they have played poker at home as a family so he already knew how to play. Thank goodness! It could have easily gone the other way, had it been a different parent! This is why people pay big bucks to send their children to a private Catholic school. So they can make prayer boxes and play Poker!!

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