Friday, September 30, 2005

This is going to come as a surprise to many who know me reading this, but as I sit here and type this, I am in San Francisco! That's right, I drove 7 hours today on my day off, and now I am sitting in the kitchen of my sister's house in Daly City! That's right people. I have a rare four day weekend and I know how to use it! It was a very last minute decision. It actually wasn't decided until 7:00 last night, when I placed a frantic call to the petsitter to see if she was available last minute. Joe had a class to teach this morning, so we packed up the car and one dog(the little one) and started out from Goldenwest College at 11:00 this morning. We arrived here at 6:45 p.m., just in time for us(me) to babysit for Lisa and Scott so they could have a much needed night out. Now some of you may be asking what prompted me to up and drive to San Francisco for 4 days. Well, I'll tell you it all started the other night when I was talking to my sister on the phone and the kids were screaming at the top of their lungs. Remember how it made me wish I had my own screaming kids? We know that isn't happening, so I decided the next best thing would be to drive to where the screaming kids were! I thought to myself, I MUST hear this screaming in person! It has been two months since I last heard it first hand, and I simply can't wait another day! Then Joe decided he must hear the screaming too, so he came with me. And you know what? They BOTH screamed obligingly for us as soon as we arrived! It was great! We are both looking forward to much more screaming tomorrow:) All jokes aside, I hardly ever get away for four days in a row, and I really was missing my niece and nephew, so here we are. I forgot my camera cord to download my pictures(darn!) so all pictures will be coming from Lisa'a site this weekend. Tomorrow we will be going to the pumpkin patch. It is proving to be a fun filled weekend! P.S. Sorry Dad, I can't come to lunch tomorrow. It is too long of a drive! I'll be seeing you next week. Michelle

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