Sunday, December 11, 2005

Holiday Craziness

I know I've been pretty lax about posting lately. The main reason is I haven't gotten home before 7:00 p.m. for the last five nights. By the time we have dinner, I take a shower and try to finish five million bracelets I have to make, there just isn't time. The other reason is that my husband and I are fighting over sharing our home computer again. i'd forgotten what it was like to have to make an appointment to check my e- mail, because he is constantly on it! His lap top broke at Thanksgiving, and we haven't even had the time to have it looked at yet. And of course, since he is using his for work, he gets to use it whenever he wants. I've tried to explain to him that it is imperative that I be able to check my blogs in order to keep my mental state in tact, but he is isn't going for it. The third reason for so few posts is that this has been the month from hell, pain-wise. I've been up since four, in and out of the bathtub. Nothing seems to be working. I may have to break out the Percocet the Doc gave me for after the surgery. I'm sad because I didn't make it to church, and this was the last weekend I was going to be able to go until after we come back on the fourth of January. I'm really going to miss it. Well, I have to at least pick up around here, as I need the house to be clean when I'm recovering from my surgery. Nothing is more depressing than not feeling good and laying around in a dirty house(at least for me).

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