Friday, December 16, 2005

Surgery went well, but two days after not so much fun

Well, Joe promised me he was going to post for me last night, but as he is in the middle of giving his last few finals, I guess he was too busy. He's been so wonderful to me these last few days, that I forgive him. From what I understand, the surgery was deemed a success. I'm getting all of this second hand. I'm told the doctor also told me these things, but hello, I was just coming out of anesthesia and remember nothing but PAIN. When they went inside and had a look, apparently it wasn't pretty. The endometriosis was growing everywhere, much worse than the last two times. Both my ovaries were completely stuck(adhered) to my pelvis. In addition, portions of my bowel were adhered to my ovaries. I also had a rather large(doctor's words) blood filled cyst. These are called chocolate cysts because they look like big blobs of chocolate. My doc had to drain the blood out of it, then cut the "shell" off and remove it(Gee, it's starting to sound like an M&M!). Then they lasered out all of the black, yucky, endo, and finally, cut all of the nerves they could see/get to. The doctor told Joe I must have been in a extraordinary amount of pain. Uhhhhh......Yeah. See people, I'm not making this stuff up:) Even though I was NOT looking forward to spending the night, boy am I glad I did. Before I went in the doc had said he would be giving me Percocet and maybe Demerol if I needed it. After I came out and told the nurse how much pain I was in(an eight on a scale of one to ten), she said "Ill be right back with the Morphine". Even in my fuzzy state of mind I remember thinking "Did she say Morphine? Oh Yeah." Can I just say for the record "Morphine Rocks!" I don't know what I would have done without it, because even with it, I could only lie flat on my back and not move AT ALL without being in excruciating pain. They also wouldn't let me eat this time(still not sure why), so I was starving, lying on my back NOT sleeping from 8:00 at night until 6:00 in the morning when Joe came to rescue pick me up. As soon as I got home I went straight to sleep, for four or five hours at least. I was having a lot of pain, but it was manageable with the Percocet. Most os th epain was coming from one of the incisions on my right side. The nurse said that was one of the spots they had to jam(yes, she actually said "jam") one of the metal rods into my abdomen, and also move it around quite a bit to see what they were doing. Ouch! I have my post-op appt. in about an hour, and I need to go lie down because being upright even this long makes me tired. Thanks to everyone who called/e-mailed to see how I was. Thanks to my friend Monica for the beautiful flowers too! If you called and I seemed a little grouchy, I apologize. I'm having more pain today than I did yesterday(probably because the anesthesia had worn off now). I find it especially hard to field a bunch of questions. I start to feel very overwhelmed. Joe has found this out several times and has learned to only ask a couple at a time so he doesn't get his head bitten off. I'll try to post more later, after my doctor's appt. and a nap.

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