Monday, December 26, 2005

A wonderful Christmas

I can't believe it's over. All that preparation, all the stress, all the money spent, all for one day! Santa was very good to everyone in the Smith household this year. He brought IPods for both Lisa AND Scott, a bat cave, a Batman scooter, and a hotwheels racing set for Cameron, a shopping cart, a dollhouse, and a talking Dora doll for Gracie. I received a new cell phone that has ITunes on it(very cool!), a book I had been wanting, and a pretty new sweater. My favorite present came from Lisa. It was a vreally neat diaper bag. It has a black Asian print, and the best part is that the entire thing is covered in clear plastic, so it can be wiped clean-no need to wash it. Cameron bought a toy for the new baby. He picked it out himself, which is so sweet. In a way it seems odd to be buying baby stuff so soon, before we are even DTC(Dossier to China), but on the other hand it feels perfectly natural. After all, we WILL be having a baby. The pregnancy will just be longer than most! More time to prepare, right? I'm not sure what's on the agenda for today. It finally stopped raining, and looks like a beautiful day outside. I'll try to post every couple of days.

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