Saturday, May 06, 2006

Feeling a bit calmer

I am feeling a little bit calmer about the situation. Usually I have to have a big freak out over something before I can deal with it. Isn't that what I always do? Anyway, I woke up this morning feeling better about things. As Tracy commented on my last post, the doctor said I had kidney disease, not kidney failure. Kidney disease is treatable. There is nothing I can do right now except get the required tests done, and then go from there. Well, that and watch my diet carefully and exercise, both of which I have been doing since Wednesday. I immediately started on Weight Watchers that day. I did it for almost two years once before, so I know the drill. I'm going to go to a meeting next week. Joe and I have been walking every night, despite the back pain. My back actually feels much better today. I think it was sore from the ultrasound yesterday. She really had to push hard to get some of those pictures. Overall I am still feeling like crap. My legs are still quite swollen and my face looks like a Puffer fish, but mentally I am feeling better. Thanks for all the good wishes. It truly helps. I'm going to have to take it one day at a time. At least now I know why I haven't been feeling good, and we can figure out what to do to make it better.


Stephanie said...

Keep up the good work! Weight loss has to been one of the most difficult things to do - if it was that easy we would all be skinny, right? Remember, the goal is not to get into a bikini but just to get healthy. I joined Jazzercise back in January and even though I haven't lost much weight, I have gained muscle and I feel good about doing something good for my health (even if I would rather be reading a book)! Please know that my thoughts are with you and keep us posted.

Tracy said...

I am so glad you are feeling better! And congrats on starting your new healthy habits so quickly. I am impressed. Keep up the good work!


Glo said...

I'm glad to hear that mentaly you are feeling some stronger and also even your back is feeling better. Good for you with the wieght watchers and the walking. You are already over 3 days in to a healthier life style kidney wise. You , your husband, and that child who lives in your heart and dreams are all worth it, so hang in there.

Laura said...
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Laura said...

Hi Michelle!

I found your blog on MaryMia's list. She is a member of my July DTC group, and any blog she likes, I have a pretty good chance of liking as well!

I have just started reading, and I am so sorry for all; you are going through right now. Please keep us all posted as to how you are doing!

I started a blog back in October, then pretty much just let it sit there, and am "trying" to get it going again. It is so enjoyable to read everyone else's blogs, when is there time to figure out how to do it yourself? Let along post pictures...yikes!

I'm a mac user too, so send any blogging tips my way!

I am looking forward to getting to know you better!
I'm glad you decided to keep blogging!


Joannah said...


I just realized that you're back. I'm sorry that you've had a difficult week, but I'm really proud of you for getting back to WW and walking with Joe. I know it's hard, but if we keep up with it we will reach our goals and feel better (on so many levels!). Hang in there!!!

Maybe we can meet for a walk sometime. :-)


Kristin said...

good! glad to hear you are in better spirits... i still think we should try for an OC/Long Beach get together!