Monday, May 29, 2006

A glorious day

Today was a glorious day. A happy, fun filled day. We spent the entire day at the beach. The weather was perfect. Sunny and warm, with a slight breeze blowing. We made our way down Laguna Canyon road to Crystal Cove State Beach. It's where we always go. You can always find a private spot, away from other people and because it is quite a downhill hike to the beach, we get our exercise in too. I got sunburned. I read a trashy novel. I searched for seashells and found a sand dollar. I went swimming in the ocean. With my clothes on! I had forgotten my bathing suit. I laid on the warm sand until my clothes were dry. I went for a walk in the surf with my husband. It was a beautiful, perfect day. I am relaxed and rested and ready for round two at the hospital tomorrow. I hope every one else had as nice a day as I did.

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Laura said...


Good luck tomorrow! Let us know how things went as soon as you feel up to it.