Sunday, April 15, 2007


I am exhausted. Tired to the bone. Thus ends eight days straight of travel, zoos, Chuck E. Cheese's, and amusement parks that included Six Flaggs, Disneyland, and CA Adventure. I got to meet up with two sets up bloggers, from Northern CA(with babies), to South(still waiting). I am so lucky to get to know such a group of awesome women. Being friends with them is going to make this wait so much easier. It already has. I had such a great time this weekend with seven other waiting Mommas(and one waiting big sister), plus one very cool waiting friend. If you had told me a year ago that I would be going to Disneyland, or Chuck E. Cheese to meet a bunch of people I had never really met before, I would have told you you were crazy. And yet, here I sit, having met ten more wonderful people whose blogs I read. And yet the flurry of activity and the lack of rest these last eight days has left me with a head cold(again), and the need to lie in bed for a very long time. So I am exhausted. But feeling lucky. Very lucky indeed. Thank you everyone that I spent the last two days with! I had the best time. The best. I hope we meet again very soon.


Shelley said...

I'm so glad you all had such a good time Michelle!

Made in China said...

Sounds like a blast to me!!

Jennifer R said...

I had the best time too ! I hope we can do another trip sometime. Thanks so much for the goody bag. It really came in handy. Thanks for going on all the "scary" rides with me too!