Sunday, April 01, 2007

LID Plaques *updated*

I have made this small plaque with our Log in Date on it to hang on the door to Sophie's room. I think it turned out cute. I added a whimsical beaded handle for hanging. These would make a great gift for someone just finishing thier paperchase, or who is in the midddle of the never ending wait. I am going to keep mine up until we bring Sophie home, then I'll probably move it to the fridge(They can be magnets too). I am selling these over at my other blog, Wishing Star Designs. I have added a few other things too. More to come!

I have added a paypal button on the site so you can pay directly with a credit card. You will need to sign up for a Paypal account, but it is free, safe, and secure.

Updated the quilt blog again. Fifty-eight squares and counting. Woo hoo!


Jonni said...

Michelle, Sophie's plaque is so great. I was just thinking how much I would love one for Sofia, and then I saw that you are selling them. I can't wait to order one. You are amazing with the crafts/scrapbook pages that you create. Tahnks for sharing.


Jonni said...

Sorry Michelle, I meant to ask you do you have a form to fill out and a place that I could send you my credit card info. to have one of the plaques made for Sofia? Can you make one with sage green,cream and maybe silver accents?


Tara said...


I want one too! I'll send you a personal e-mail....