Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The job interview went well. So well, in fact, that she wants to hire me. The only problem is the pay is $1.50 less an hour than I make now. Oh well. I know there are other jobs out there. This was good practice. I am tired today. Getting up at four in the morning will do that to you. Couldn't sleep. Probably nervous. I'm so glad tomorrow is the end of the week for me. We get Good Friday off. So glad. I must go now and get the rest of my Easter cards out, as well as the postcards I need to send out for a postcard exchange I signed up for. What can I say? I am becoming kind of addicted to this swapping stuff. (Fabric, ribbon, postcards, etc. Get your mind out of the gutter people)

*I updated Wishing Star with a couple of bracelets. More to come!*

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