Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pillow Cases

I finally got a sewing machine. I have been wanting one forever. Problem is, I really can't sew. This machine does so much more than I can do right now. As soon as we have some extra money(ha!) I'm going to sign up for a sewing class. For now I have been just playing around. I sewed on a scrapbook page(something I have been wanting to do forever), and I made these pillowcases. I even put Velcroe on the dragonfly one. Just don't look too closely at the stitching on the end of that one. The other turned out much better. I love both of these fabrics. The pink really doesn't go with anything in my house, so Gracie may end up with that one.


Stacey Teague said...

Congratulations!!!! I love my sewing machine, SO MUCH. It is my calm, and my peace.....and heck if you can get the thing threaded you are doing really great!

Anonymous said...

In most classes, you start small- sewing straight lines over and over again with a 1/4 inch margin. I took a few classes when I bought my first machine. They really helped. You have to focus on what you want to sew- a quilt, a piece of clothing. That is the direction you should head for your first classes. Good luck!

Gracencameronsmomy said...

Hey, you were supposed to take mine so I could get a better one!! Which one did you get?