Saturday, April 07, 2007

Sickness and Insomnia

I am coming down with a cold. On the day I leave for a trip. Drat. It comes as no surprise, as every single person(and child) was sniffling and hacking last week. Maybe that has been contributing to the overall not feeling good I have been experiencing the last week or so. It is the nature of my type of kidney disease to be sick often. And tired. I am sick and tired. Ha! Also, I have been getting up between four a.m. on the days I have to go to work(five-thirty being the normal time) and six o'clock on my days of(between eight and nine-thirty being the normal time). And I am finding it hard to get to sleep much before eleven. Too many thoughts in my head. Reading this, I realize I have a lot of problems and sound very whiny. Not my intention. After all, I am leaving in eight hours to spend seven days in San Francisco with my sister shopping, playing at the park, and going out to eat. Who could complain about that? Now where did I put that vitamin C?

*I changed the profile pic again. Joe wasn't happy with that one. He says it makes him look bald. The new one shows he is in fact, not bald. Men. Sheesh.*


Gracencameronsmomy said...

Keep your sickness to yourself! See you tonight!

Jonni said...

I got back from San Francisco a few weeks back and had a really great time. I hope you do too.


Tara said...

Have lots of fun!!!

amy said...

Hope you are doing well and I think you have a really neat blog!