Friday, April 06, 2007

I changed my profile picture. As much as I loved that picture of me and Gracie(we took it in the car of ourselves at Christmas), she is getting to the age now where I don't think her picture should be plastered all over the internet. I know my sister puts her picture on their blog, but I visit a lot of blogs and I don't think her picture should be up there everywhere I go. I put up a pic of me and Joe in the mountains in Jan. I love that picture. That was such a great trip. My face is still a little bit swollen from the Prednisone, but it has such fond memories for me. Also, the other day Joe asked me "Hey, how come my picture isn't in your profile?" Well, now it is.


LDBM2003 said...

Ummm I don`t know what I imagined but Joe looks nothing like I expected.

Cute picture of the happy couple !

Jonni said...

Michelle, The picture of you and Joe looks fab!