Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Urinary Tract Infections and Taxes

That was my day. It started at the doctor's office(again). I was having some, well, unpleasant symptoms(which we won't go into), so I called my kidney doctor and asked what I should do. Of course he wanted me to come in. So I trek all the way over there from work(a forty-five minute drive). I got in to see the doc right away this time, and he did his exam. Blood pressure, temperature, Urine sample, the usual. Blood pressure was good, but I was running a fever, was very tender to his prodding of my abdomen and back, and the urine test showed I had some kind of infection. After the exam he determined I had a pretty bad urinary tract infection AND a kidney infection too. Yay me! Off to the pharmacy to get my antibiotics, then back to work(another forty-five minute drive). I worked for two hours, then had to meet Joe at the Accountant to get our taxes done. Apparently the payroll person at work screwed up my withholding last year because we owe both State and Federal taxes this year. Grrrrreeeeaaaaat. Oh well, what are we gonna do?(Pay it!). Oh, and then out of the blue my cell phone rings and it is the dentist that told me the position was filled but wanted to meet with me anyway, and I declined. She has a position open and would like to interview me! She said she was very impressed with me on the phone and couldn't stop thinking about me! How cool is that? So tomorrow I have a job interview! Yikes!
Then my phone rang again and it was my gynecologist calling to schedule my hysterectomy! No date set yet. But soon. A very busy, exciting, exhausting day. Going to bed now. G'night.

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LDBM2003 said...

Umm thanks for the motivation to call our accountant. After we pay him we will just about break even. We may have enough left for Taco Bell lol.

I KNOW it is smart to break even. I know if you get a huge refund that is just Uncle Sam earning interest on your money but I still miss big refunds.

BTW I am a devoted reader, sometimes poster and I want to send you a quilt square. Where do I send it?

or Lori@icehouse.net