Monday, September 17, 2007

Crazy Busy

That's the best way to describe today. I have been going, going, going since six fifteen a.m. It is now seven ten and I haven't even made dinner yet. I left for work early so I could stop at the store and pick up some healthy food for my lunches this week. Yup, Healthy Choice Meals, Apples, and carrots for lunches for me. After work I met Joe at the Gym. We joined a few weeks ago but they hadn't opened yet. It is a brand new, beautiful facility and I love it. We're aiming for four days a week, but I'll be happy with three. Heck, one day would be more than the amount of exercise I have been doing lately. Now we're home and dinner is in the oven. I am so hungry. I haven't eaten since lunch. I got my secret buddy package in the mail today and it was so cute. I'll have to post pictures. But not tonight. I'm tired. Work went so much better today. I didn't make one mistake. Yay me! This post was kind of all over the place.

Here are my three thanks for today:

1. I am thankful we made it to the gym. I know I am going to start feeling better if I exercise more.
2. I am thankful for my secret pal. It is so fun to come home to a surprise in the mailbox
3. I am thankful I wear scrubs to work. It is so easy to get dressed in the morning, and they are so comfy. It's like wearing your pajamas to work.

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