Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Pool is Cool

And that's why we spent a good portion of the day there. It has been so HOT here. It was ninety-nine degrees at my house today. Needless to say, we have the air conditioning on. We try very hard not to use it regularly, but in this heat I need it. Even inside in the air conditioned house I felt like doing very little. So we didn't. We went to the pool for awhile, then later in the afternoon tried to finish unpacking. Still not done. I hate unpacking almost as I hated moving. Hopefully it will be done in the next couple of days. I don't think we will be moving again anytime soon! I finally got all of my scrapbooking stuff unpacked. I really need to go through and weed out the stuff that I no longer use. I'll post "after" pictures as soon as I am done. Now I just need to get scrappin!

The pool. Sorry. No pictures of me in the pool. Way too self conscious for that.

Scrapbook area before pics. After pictures coming soon.

Three thanks
1. The pool. Thank goodness for the pool.
2. Making a little headway on the unpacking. I hope we are done soon.
3. Another day off with my husband. Well I guess technically I have an indeterminate amount of days off, but Joe has to go back to work on Tues. so I'm glad to have an extra day with him.

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Joannah said...

That pool looks so inviting! I'm missing our beach in Kauai. Even when it was hotter than blazes there, we'd just get in the water and cool down. Sigh... Everything is better when you're near the water.

Stay cool!