Sunday, September 09, 2007

Front Porch After

Ahhhhh...Much better. I spent most of my day cleaning up our front porch. Lugging away trash, sweeping, and planting new plants. A much more productive day than yesterday!

My Three Thanks
1. I am thankful for flowers. They make me happy.
2. I am thankful for the nice people at Home Depot. I pestered them about four times, asking qeustions about which plants and flowers to buy, how often to water them, and basically how to keep them alive so I don't kill them. They were very patient with me. Customer service does exist! ( A gardener I am not).
3. Relaxing Sundays. Well, for me anyway. Hubby had to work, but should be home in time for dinner. I guess I should make something.......

1 comment:

redmaryjanes said...

Your porch looks beautiful and inviting!