Wednesday, September 05, 2007

How Good are You?

Stole this from someone else. Of course I only posted it because the results were "good". Heh. I think it is pretty spot on, except for the respected leader part. A leader? Me? No, not so much.

You Are 76% Good

You are a good person. You do the best you can to be ethical, fair, and moral.

And as you know, being a good person means making hard decisions... and following them through.

If you're confronted with an ethical dilemma, you will usually do the right thing.

Of course you do slip up. No one's perfect. But you do your best to correct your missteps.

You are also probably: incredibly honest, especially with yourself

Right now you are on track to being: A respected leader

To be a better person: Be kind to someone who is not very kind to you

Oh, and thank you all for the nice comments on my job. You all are great. What would I do without you? :)
Three Thanks
1. I am thankful to have a job(oops, did I already mention that one?)
2. I am thankful to have had today off to get ready for my first day.
3. The weather today is much, much cooler than is has been. I am thankful for that!

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