Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Here are some random thoughts I have been having. (Yes, I am home alone tonight and bored. Joe is teaching. I really must find some friends). Why is it that I cannot remember something I was told 15 minutes ago, but I know the words to EVERY song that comes on the radio, as well as every single James Taylor song on every single C.D. of his that we have(We have all but three of his C.D.'s!) Joe says it is because I have used up all of my memory space with song lyrics. Ha Ha! Here is something else that bothers me. A lot. Why do people have links to websites that say they are about infertility when they are actually about pregnancies and/or newborns? Here I am, innocently searching for blogs that might help me live with the every day pain of infertility, and I go to an "infertility" website and there is either a sonogram picture or a picture of a newborn baby. This does not help me! In fact, it makes me feel like I am the only infertile person in this world that hasn't gotten or can't get pregnant. It does not give me hope. I am not sitting here thinking "See! THAT person went through infertility and was able to get pregnant! There is hope for me after all!" NO. That is not what I am thinking. I am actually thinking how much it sucks to be an infertile person that hasn't gotten pregnant. I am extememly jealous of these infertile fertile women that I don't even know who are pregnant or have a newborn. So please people, if your website is not about infertility, change your title! Or update your blogrolls and move those links from the infertiltiy section to the "I am now a parent" section of your links. Thank you! Yes, I do realize the name of my blog is the "journey towards parenthood" and we are nowhere near becoming parents. I named it when we were going to do the adoption. I haven't gotten around to changing it yet. Maybe I'll change it to "We will never be parents". Because that's how I feel. In case you haven't guessed, I have started the "bad" time of my cycle. I will be feeling crummy for the next 10 days. Yippee.I am seeing the psychiatrist again on Thursday. Maybe I will ask him if he has any drugs to help me with my bad attitude. I doubt it.

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