Monday, October 31, 2005

I was feeling a little bit sad earlier today. If there is one holiday that is centered completely around children, it is Halloween. I even offerred to work late, since someone called in sick and I was the only one working that didn't have to rush home and get my little one ready to go trick or treating. Even a couple of my co-workers who are older had grandchildren or nieces and nephews to spend Halloween with. We have no one. I did get a couple of invites from some friends of mine to come over to their house for Halloween, and I do appreciate that. Thanks! The only problem is, sometimes that makes me feel even more sad. I often feel like I am an outsider looking in. I truly believed last Halloween would be the last one we would spend without a child. I never imagined we would be almost four years into this "journey" with no end in sight. To top it all off, Halloween kicks off the whole holiday season, another one we will go through without having started our family. So I was feeling pretty sad when I came home from work. But then I decided to snap out off it. I made some really yummy homemade Dim Sum with chicken fried rice for dinner. Then I decided if I didn't have a child to dress up, I would do the next best thing. That's right, I dressed up my dog! And you know what? I felt much better after that! So here for your amusement are pictures of my dog dressed up as a ladybug!(And yes, I DID make the costume myself!)

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