Friday, October 07, 2005

I know I already posted today, but I forgot about my anger issues for a moment there and neglected to comment on some things that have been REALLY ticking me off lately. It all started when Brittney Spears got pregnant. That ticked me off, but she is around 10 years younger than I am and married, so I'll overlook it(just this once!). Next, Nicholas Cage names his baby Kal-El. No, I did not misspell it! That is the actual name he chose for his child. For those of you that don't know, that is from the Superman comic book. It is Superman's birth name that he was given when born on the planet Krypton. What an idiot! There should be a law against naming your children after comic book characters. If I ever have the opportunity to have a child, I PROMISE to name the child a NORMAL name. The last straw was when Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes announced their pregnancy. THAT'S IT! There is no fairness or justice in this world! They aren't even MARRIED! She is like a million years younger than he is! I have been married to the same man for close to thirteen years. We are three years apart in age. He is the only man I have EVER BEEN with. We are both loving, caring people that would make wonderful parents. But we can't have children. Why does God want THEM to have a child and not us? I am having serious anger issues and feeling extremely bitter about all of the above mentioned things. My therapist thinks the anger is a good thing. Better than the crippling depression and suicidal thoughts of two weeks ago. Joe is not so sure, since a lot of the anger is being directed at him. Hey, I can't take it out on the kids! But I am sorry if I have been snapping at you more lately.

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Ashley's World of Justification said...

just wanted to say i feel ur pain on the whole tomkat thing. i think people like him who spew their stupidity on others shouldn't be allowed to have kids esp when SOOO many good wonderful kind people are wanting kids and it's not happening. this may be unsolicited advice but keep in mind God's ways are not our ways. There is a reason why He is letting them have their baby. And when you get yours there will be a reason. :)