Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Oops, I forgot. I was going to start listing all the celebrities I found out have gotten pregnant. Aside from Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes; The D.J. on my morning radio show, Gwyneth Paltrow, Woody Harrelson, Donald Trump and trophy wife, Joely Fisher, hmmm... I think that's it for now. I am doing this to torture myself. The one I am really bummed about is the radio D.J. because now I have to switch stations. I REFUSE to listen to someone talk about their pregnancy every single day on my way to work. Why would someone do that to themselves? But then again, why would someone list all the celebrities that they found out were pregnant? Here's where I find out about all of these pregnant celebs. It's a sick fascination I have. I like to count how many people have gotten pregnant since we started trying. It's one of the many ways I like to occupy all the free time I have since I don't have kids. But I'm not bitter!

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