Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I wish today was as good a day as yesterday, but hey it can't be all roses and sunshine all of the time. I still haven't had any pain(which is actually normal for me at this stage in my cycle). I went to the doctor today to talk about my thyroid. I'm kind of bummed because it turns out my thyroid is low, not high(there was a mix up with the nurse, I don't know what happened). so much for all of my symptoms! He thinks that I am having two major issues. 1) Lack of sleep, and 2) an undue amount of stress. It took all of me not to say Ummm...Duh! Ya think? He also thinks that without treating my sleep apnea, the sleep issues will not be resolved. And how does he plan on treating the sleep apnea, you might ask? Why with a C Pap machine of course! It took all of me to sit there calmly and not go running from the room screaming at the top of my lungs Noooooo.....! I have had one of these horrible contraptions before. I wore it for a whole year. It was awful. For those of you that have never seen one of these contraptions, here it is: C pap. Yes, it is as bad as it looks! Most nights I would wake up and it would be on the floor, with no recollection of how it got there. I was ripping it off in my sleep. That's how bad it was! Ummm...did I also mention we were having infertility problems? That ugly machine is NOT conducive to an intimate enviornment! Unfortunatley he has no other solutions for me regarding that problem. Well, he did say I could go see a dentist who could fit me with some kind of mouthpiece, but my dental insurance sucks, so I won't be doing that anytime soon. I can only deal with one thing at a time, and right now it is my surgery for the endo. The doc also feels I need to deal with some of my emotional issues to see if it helps some of my physical ones(depression, anxiety, insomnia). That's what I've been trying to do! Oh well. I guess I was hoping he would say you are feeling this way because of this(insert medical condition here). Let's do this(insert solution here) and you'll feel fine. I should have known it wouldn't be that easy. Nothing ever is! So it's back to the psychiatrist(a different one) to revaluate my meds. Who knows, maybe the change in thyroid medicine will do something! I have to hold on to that faith I was talking about yesterday!

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