Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I uploaded my pictures(all fifteen of them), so I will post them here for your enjoyment. Some of them may seem pointless, but they aren't if you are a scrapbooker(which I am!). Here's a picture of Cameron and Grace at the pumpkin patch.
Gracie is being a silly girl.
Here is where she stopped being silly and said cheese. This is the Pumpkin patch across the street. I thought it was pretty. Here's a picture of Me and Uncle Joe with Gracie. Cameron politely declined to be in the photo with us. (Ha! Actually he was standing off to the side screaming "I want to go on the train RIGHT NOW!" at the top of his lungs, while strangers were staring and we were all ignoring him. P.S. Could Uncle Joe have picked out an uglier pumpkin for this picture? He thought it looked interesting. I think it is ugly). Here are some pretty pumpkins.
And more pretty pumpkins.
Here's a cute scarecrow.
And a picture of the Smith family on the train. Cameron is mad because he wanted Daddy and him to sit alone. Here he is with Daddy. He's happy now because they moved up one car. Can you believe we paid this much for gas? We are either crazy or we love our niece and nephew very much AND we are crazy.Here is some evidence of Fall that we found in Burlingame before starting for home. Well, that's it for my pictures. Maybe Lisa will post more. If you would rather just see the whole album and skip all of these links, go Here. I'll be posting some pictures from our shopping trip soon. Trust me, it's fascinating stuff!

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